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About PAMOJA Girls

PAMOJA Girls COMMUNITY INITIATIVE is a youth-led community based organization in Kilifi County-Kenya which is registered under the Ministry of Social Services.

It was formed in 2019 by Claudia Dhahabu Kenga with a vision of assisting vulnerable girls from rural areas to stay in school and complete their education while building their capacity in leadership and life skills through mentorship programs.

The organization has over the years evolved and scaled up its focus to include the provision of dignity kits to school going girls as a way of ensuring that these girls stay in school and such efforts were inspired by a spike in the number of cases of teenage pregnancies which results from the hard economic times and high poverty levels in the county that makes it hard to afford sanitary towels or prioritize girls hygiene at household level.

Currently, PAMOJA Girls is led by a team of 5 board members and run on a day to day basis by more than 20 volunteers who work as a team to ensure girls in Kilifi County get the support they deserve.

Claudia Kenga / Founder, PAMOJA Girls

The Challenges We Face

High poverty levels among the girls we meet.

Inadequate resources (sanitary towels) to give to the girls

Transportation challenges since we need to higher vehicles it’s expensive and also some places are not easily accessible with cars.

Documentation of our activities is also a challenge since we have to hire photography services.

Our Vision

To bring out generations of literate, independent and empowered women out of the vulnerable girls in the community.

Our Mission

To be a centre that supports rural-based girl child in becoming an all-around woman for sustainability purposes in future. Beating all odds and challenges including menstruation hygiene and period stigma!


With 100% of your donation going directly to our projects, we’re able to ensure that every shilling/ dollar you give helps the people who need it most.

Our Partners